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One dead in a storm in Upper Bavaria – power lines destroyed

One dead in a storm in Upper Bavaria – power lines destroyed

Fallen trees in Lower Bavaria

There were also severe storms in Lower Bavaria. There were a dozen fallen trees reported by early evening, it said at the police headquarters in Lower Bavaria in Straubing. According to the local operations center, heavy rain also caused several basements to fill up, and roofs were also covered.

No rail traffic between Landshut and Freising

As a spokesman for the police headquarters reported when asked by BR, the Landshut district was the worst affected. A total of 14 trees that were lying on the road had to be removed. A skylight was shattered by large hailstones and traffic signs were blown down. A short but strong hailstorm also fell in the district of Rottal-Inn, but no major damage has been reported here so far. The Passau – Neumarkt railway line was temporarily closed because there were several trees on the tracks.

Because of the storm damage in Moosburg in Upper Bavaria, no trains are running between Freising and Landshut on Tuesday. According to the train, an emergency bus service has been set up.

Thunderstorm damage in the district of Augsburg

Storm damage was also seen in Großaitingen in the southern district of Augsburg in the evening reported. There, a storm late Monday afternoon uprooted rows of trees, covered roofs and devastated construction sites. The alarm was received by the local fire brigade around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, according to commander Markus Lehle to the BR. The volunteer fire departments from Schwabmünchen, Wehringen, Bobingen, Mittelstetten and Reinhardshofen helped to repair the worst of the damage late into the night. The local fire brigade spoke in the evening of a slightly injured person. This was confirmed on Tuesday by Mayor Erwin Gossner.

A total of 140 members of the local volunteer fire brigade and supporters of the fire brigade were out and about until late in the evening to clear streets and fasten loose roof tiles. The storm had torn holes in the roofs of several houses, and the ridge of the Church of St. Nicholas had to be secured with the help of a crane because the roof panels had come loose there. According to Mayor Gossner, it is not yet possible to speak about the amount of property damage. According to the Augsburg district office, the overall damage was probably less serious than initially feared.

According to the authorities, the disaster alarm for Großaitingen was almost called out yesterday afternoon. As it turns out, the thunderstorm cell with hail and strong wind remained very limited to the place and “ran once across the place”, as a resident described it.

Affected: Devastation in the village like never before

It started with heavy rain and hail, then a strong wind came up and it was all over within ten minutes, says resident Claudia Wiedemann, whose orchard now has no trees, she says. The storm knocked down a large linden tree at the entrance to her farm. “Such devastation in the village has never been seen before,” says local resident Josef Mayr. Several large trees were knocked down at the local sports field, the wind tore them out of the ground together with the root plates. “We were probably lucky that there were no more injuries,” says district fire inspector Thomas Reichel in view of the many roof tiles lying on the street. The amount of property damage is likely to be considerable, but according to the emergency services, it could not be estimated in the evening.

Extreme thunderstorm warning

The German Weather Service (DWD) had warned of extreme thunderstorms, especially in Upper and Lower Bavaria. At times, the highest warning level 4 applied.

The DWD predicts that thunderstorms, some of them severe, could also occur throughout the Free State in the next few days – occasionally with heavy rain, hail and gusts of wind around 80 kilometers per hour.

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