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Accused denies murder – SWR Aktuell

Accused denies murder – SWR Aktuell

The trial of the alleged police murders in Kusel has begun at the Kaiserslautern district court. The 39-year-old main defendant denied the murder.

The courtroom in the district court of Kaiserslautern was occupied down to the last of the 65 spectator seats. The interest in the process on the alleged police murders in Kusel is huge. The hearing was supposed to start at 9 a.m., but the defense attorney for the 33-year-old accused had something to say about the seating arrangement.

The main defendant is handcuffed to the district court of Kaiserslautern

The main defendant comes into the room in handcuffs. With an FFP2 mask on his face and a thick folder in his hand, he goes to the table. He wears a gray shirt and red trousers and is allowed to take off his handcuffs at the beginning of the hearing. The accused 33-year-old has been in the room for a long time. He is wearing a black sweater, jeans and sneakers. The 33-year-old stands behind the chairs before the trial begins and consults with his lawyer. He keeps his hands clasped behind his back and seems a bit uninvolved in everything.

Transporter brings the main suspect in the process of alleged police murder in Kusel (Photo: picture-alliance / report services, picture alliance / dpa | Oliver Dietze)

The main defendant was driven to the courthouse in Kaiserslautern in a van.

picture alliance/dpa | Oliver Dietze

The indictment for the alleged police murder is read out

At the beginning of the trial, the public prosecutor read out the indictment: The 39-year-old will be charged with double murder, attempted murder, assault on law enforcement officials and commercial poaching. The 33-year-old is charged with commercial poaching and preventing crime.

The accused drove around the Kusel district in a van that had been converted to transport wild animals in order to hunt fallow deer and wild boar there. They wanted to process and sell the game in Sulzbach, Saarland. The 39-year-old had several weapons with him, some of which were equipped with thermal imaging cameras.

The 33-year-old accused speaks to his lawyer in the courtroom of the Kaiserslautern Regional Court (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, picture alliance/dpa/dpa-Pool | Uwe Anspach)

The 33-year-old accused with his lawyer in front of the district court of Kaiserslautern.

picture alliance/dpa/dpa-Pool | Uwe Anspach

The co-accused should track down the animals and load them after they were killed. On the night of the crime, the two are said to have killed a total of 22 wild animals. The co-defendant is said to have received a bonus of ten euros for each animal killed. Both of them would have denied a significant part of their livelihood.

Public Prosecutor’s Office: The main defendant shoots a policewoman in the head

Shortly after 4 a.m., according to prosecutors, they got caught in a police check near Ulmet. The police candidate is said to have checked the personal details, while her colleague is said to have gone back to the car to make a first radio call. Under a pretext, Andreas S. turned to the driver’s door and took a shotgun there and shot the young police officer in the head. Her colleague had already made an emergency call when he was hit extensively in the buttocks by the shotgun shells.

After that, the accused is said to have grabbed the hunting rifle. With this he is said to have fired three shots at the fleeing police officer, with which he fatally hit him in the chest, stomach and head area. His accomplice took cover and is said to have been asked by the 39-year-old to look for the identity papers. Meanwhile, Andreas S. is said to have turned the van around. When he got back to the scene of the crime, the 39-year-old is said to have turned the young police officer onto his back and noticed that she was still alive. Then he is said to have shot her in the face with the shotgun at close range.

Statement of the main defendant’s defense counsel

The main defendant’s defense attorney read a statement. Among other things, it was about how the 39-year-old had met the 33-year-old co-defendant. In addition, the two used to hunt “semi-legally” in the Kusel district, with the consent of the hunting tenant. It was only in November that they decided to go poaching. The main defendant looks down at his clasped hands during the explanation and appears calm on the outside.

The 39-year-old does not want to have fired the fatal shots

The defense attorney described the course of the crime in his statement as follows: Both had taken a break from their hunt, then the civilian vehicle with the police officers had appeared. The main defendant could not open his door because the police car was too close to his car. When he was looking for his papers in the glove compartment, he heard two shots. A person fell to the ground in front of the vehicle and shots were fired several times.

Main defendant burdens co-defendants heavily

The 39-year-old then allegedly fired in the direction of the muzzle flash to get the other person to stop shooting. When the shots stopped, he turned on the car’s light and only then realized that one of the police officers had been shot in the head. There was an argument with the 33-year-old, the 39-year-old turned the car around – and then heard another shot. The 33-year-old killed the police officer with it.

According to the defense attorney, the 39-year-old wanted to turn himself in to the police, but the 33-year-old said he did not want to go to jail. The 33-year-old’s defense attorney said on the first day of the hearing that the prosecutor’s allegations were correct. His client will not be admitted. While the 39-year-old’s lawyer reads the admission to the night of the crime, the 33-year-old shakes his head slightly several times.

Overall, the district court of Kaiserslautern scheduled 14 days of trial until September for the process.

Memorial near Kusel to commemorate the killed police officers (Photo: SWR)

Cross, memorial stone, candles and flowers – a retired police officer, together with other helpers, created a memorial for the two police officers who were shot near Kusel

The murder of the police sparked nationwide outrage

The case of the killed police officers sparked nationwide outrage. The public interest in the process is correspondingly high. As a spokesman for the district court in Kaiserslautern reports, press representatives from all over Germany have registered. 25 places are reserved for journalists, 40 more for spectators.

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